The NGC Groups of DAV are now ready with Action Plan.  They met on 21st February 2009 and the following action plan has been evolved.

1.  Ethics Group

Ethics basically focuses on good life and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad.  Its all about values and ideals for a satisfied life.  This aspect is reflected in everyday life right from day-to-day home issues to international leels.  Be it - jumping of a queue by a VIP to the moral policing by Shri Ram Sena or the shoe being hurled at Bush in Iraq - all highlight ethic degeneration.

On this  context, we focus on overcoming ethic degradation in everyday life.  We decide to start by taking small steps - taking a right step thinking before we do something.  It can someghing like helping a handicappe / blind cross the road or even something as small as not throwing garbage on the road.  All this will have a social & environmental impact as well.

We decide to have debates & essay writing competitions on these lines.

2. Law Group

Law Group is a small initiative towards creating legal awareness at the community level.  this venture will be like a ripple effect, having a positive influence on the society, state, national and global level.

A few activities that the Law Group would like to undertake at the individual level are:

- Conduct discussions on legal issues

- Have debates on legal matters and topics of social interest

- Through skits and plays, we would like to spread awareness on different social issues

- We would like to create peer awareness on our right and duties so that we become responsible citizens

- Studying about the constitution and having quizes

3. Potential Realisation Group

Every one of us are gifted with some in born talent and only a few bring it out.

After a brief discussion among our group, we arrived at the following:


1. Inferiority complex : the feeling that we are not good compared to others;

2. Stage fear

3. An inner feeling of what others would think of us

Every problem has a solution.

i.  Opportunities are plenty around us but we don'g gram many.  So, first is participating in all the activities we are good at;

ii. At the individual level, we will voice out our views without any fear of others;

iii. Inculcate a sense of self-esteem by organising and participating in activities like debate, essay writing;

iv. Since all the groups are interlinked, we could arrange for literary activities based on environment or legal issues which would bring out talents and at the same time create awareness;

v. Overall personality development

4. Environment Group

Environment group is basically created to recognise the various ways by which we can protect and preserve the environment.  This group mainly concentrates on spreading awareness for the need of a clean environment and also spread awareness about the shortcomings of an unclean and polluted environment.  We aim to spread this awareness at an individual level initially and later spread it at a global level and pass this message in a comprehensive manner for all stratas of the society.

5. Productivity Group

We can try to increase productivity in various ways, being aware of all our different ways of doing thing and doing it in the most efficient way is the aim of this group.  We can try it with many things like in Anna University, the present program on quality management.  It aims mainly on doing things in a better way. 

We can implement this, by holding quizzes and having some simple, short and enlighting lectures to the students.  We can show with statistical data on how we can improve daily duties. This is a continuous process and the best way we can do it is with find ways of doing things either by ourselves or from others.

We could hold a debate session on matters which may seem small but when taken on a longer period of time and a larger scale, it may be productive in a big way.  Like way, we drive our cars like left turns are more efficient than right turns  (fuel efficient)

6. Systems Group

The system group will focus on finding a solution to the traffic problems outside the School.  For this purpose, this Group will take the help of all other groups in streamlining the system.  As a first step, the students will be made to walk on the Footpath, instead of walking on the roads, which in turn disturbs the traffic and at the same time not very safe for the students as well.

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