Central Vigilance Commission, India has declared that Vigilance Awareness Week (VAW) 2016 would be observed from 31st October 2016 to 5th November 2016 - http://www.cvc.nic.in/vaw20092016.pdf

The Commission has outlined various outreach activities during VAW - 

(i) For Colleges and Schools - http://www.cvc.nic.in/vaw27092016.pdf 

(ii) Integrity Pledge for citizens and corporates - http://www.cvc.nic.in/vaw26092016.pdf 

(iii) Awareness Gram Sabhas for Gram Panchayats - http://www.cvc.nic.in/cr2.pdf 

As you may be aware, SIV-G has been contributing in its own way in realising the vision of CVC and observing the Vigilance Awareness Week for the past 9 years through the following activities:

(i) Conducting Online Essay Contest for Students on the theme Integrity and Good Governance (also to commemorate the birthday celebration of Sardar Patel)

(ii) Releasing E-Cards during Vigilance Awareness Week (past E-Cards are available in the website of SIV-G)

(iii) Releasing a E-Newsletter called SIV-G Ajna with Messages from dignitaries including Ex-CVCs 

(iv)Publishing prize winning essays on Integrity and Good Governance

(v) Launching National Governance Corps (NGC) in Schools during Vigilance Awareness Week

SIV-G is open to associate with like minded organisations / individuals in observing Vigilance Awareness Week 2016 and making it a meaningful and purposeful exercise.  Let us be part of this movement initiated by CVC way back in 1999.  

Wishing a great Vigilance Awareness Week ahead

Founder, SIV-G 

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