SIV-G takes great pleasure in being part of the Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week for the past few years. Here is a brief report on various activities held at the behest of SIV-G during the Vigilance Awareness Week 2012:

1.Online Essay Contest 2012

SIV-G has been able to involve students through the Nationwide Online Essay Contests on the theme ‘Integrity and Good governance’ for the past 7 years.  For the Online Essay Contest 2012, the following topics were given to the students:

a.Sardar Patel – an icon for integrity in public life

b.Can a Lokpal root out corruption from India?

c.Integrity in public life – how important for achieving good governance?

A good number of students participated in the contest and the details of the contest are available at the following links:

Online Essay Contest 2012

Judges for Online Essay Contest 2012

Online Essay Contest 2012 - Results

2.Public Function on Prize Distribution

The Online Essay Contests are being organised every year to commemorate the birthday celebration of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, which is the very reason that the Vigilance Awareness Week also commences on October 31st. On this day, the Prize distribution to the winners of the Online Essay Contest are made in a public function, with the support of the NGOs and well wishes who have great concern for the society.  The details of the same are available at :

Prize Distribution - Online Essay Contest 2012

3.Release of Newsletter SIV-G Ajna

SIV-G brings out an Annual Newsletter during the Vigilance Awareness Week named ‘SIV-G Ajna’.  This is an e-Newsletter carrying articles and the essays which won the top prizes and also the views and messages.  The second edition of ‘SIV-G Ajna’ was released on 31st October 2012 and the same is available at :

SIV-G Ajna 2012

4.Release of E-Cards

SIV-G also releases E-Cards series during the Vigilance Awareness Week.  During the Vigilance Awareness Week, on each day, one E-Card is released and circulated electronically to its Members who are mostly students who took part in the online essay contest during the past 7 years.  The following are the E-Cards released during the Vigilance Awareness Week 2012:

E-Card 1 :Integrity and Honesty

E-Card 2:Principles and Practice

E-Card 3:Self

E-Card 4:Moral

E-Card 5:Good Governance

E-Card 6:Integrity

With the enthusiasm of the youngsters and the support of well wishers, SIV-G hopes to make a better impact during the Vigilance Awareness Week 2013.

Best Wishes

Suresh Govindarajan

Founder, SIV-G

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