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Deja vú of Mastiram!

Yesterday Mastiram met his distant cousin Kevalram on his way to milk booth.   Kevalram is talkative among the two as he is 100% sure of whatever he speaks.  One cannot find Kevalram without the rolled news paper in his hand.  He thinks himself as a walking encyclopedia and used to boast the same with every other person he meets.  Mastiram would readily agree with Keval ram whatever subject Keval ram speaks!

If Mastiram start to confront, then there is a potential danger of Kevalram extending the duration of his lecture.  For these reasons Mastiram would never argue with Kevalram whenever he cant circumvent.  

Keval ram with his brightened face on seeing Mastiram said," Hey Masti! Do you know the American oil price dipped to the historical low?"
- "How much Keval? "he asked, though he is not at all intersted in the subject.

- "Masti...normally it used to be from 70 to 30 dollar a barrel but now it is - 30 dollar. Does it mean the seller would give you 30 dollar per barrel if you buy? I am confused".

Mastiram was very much happy for two reasons. This is the very first time he saw Kevalram is not certain about a subject and second reason is he asks for a opinion with Mastiram which is the recognition for his wisdom!

After reading the news paper himself Mastiram could remotely understand the facts from a similar situation he faced in his own life!
Mastiram, who is keen to capitalise the situation started to tell a story.

"Keval... I understand this situation from my experience few years back".

Keval ram was wondering how do a guy, small town dweller, understands an international crisis, much less from his own life event?!

Enjoying the astonisent in the Kevalram's face Mastiram started telling the story...

One day when I was traveling to my relative's village by bus, the bus stopped for a tea break at Martur bus stand.

A middle aged vendor boarded the bus and started auctioning some goods.  He started the auction with goods like bed sheet, shawls, sarees by one.  The bored passenges in waiting bus in the scorching hot sun, to kill the time, started to bid for the goods displayed in auction one by one.

'Sir, this price is not workable to me, so you will be given a pencil gift,' said the vendor. For unsuccessful bidders he gave pencils, soap boxes, pens as free gifts.   I have been keeping quiet, thinking that it can not tempt me.   The people who were sitting both my sides got the gifts, one or two guys even got more than one gift.  The trick is very easy, you simply bid a price and keep quiet. Then the gift will come to you.

At that moment, he was auctioning a beautiful shirting cloth.  Before I realise what was happening, I bade; 'fifty rupees'.  I was awaiting the moment in which Iam going to get a pencil / soap.  

Alas! Nobody asked for higher price than that.

- 'Bhaiya you won the auction'.
- 'Bhaiya I don't want this'.
- 'According to auction rules, the auction was won by you, so you have to pay'.
- 'sorry ji, I dont have enough money'.

I still have to go to Bharathpur and from there to the village where my aunt lived.  I had only Rs.20 with me.

After a lot of negotiations and third party interventions both of us agreed that I have to pay Rs.5 inorder to wriggle out from the purchase.

Finally I paid Rs.5 to the vendor not to buy the cloth and there by I can save my balance 15 rupees. Ha ha ha! I was really relieved.

Keval ram...! this is how Crude Oil price should have gone negative.

In recession the crude price had already hit the ground, and considering the dipped sales, adding the cost of transportation, storage, processing and interest on investment, the negative price is profitable than taking delivery of the goods.

They say first time in history!
No...certainly I adopted the same strategy with auctioneer in bus stand few years ago.
For me it is Dejavú!".

Keval ram was astonished by Mastiram's analogy.

Mastiram realising that his wife would be waiting to prepare tea hurried home.