Synergy, very often is talked about in the context of productivity, particularly involving more than one individual. The Collins English Dictionary defines synergy as ‘the potential ability of individual organizations or groups to be more successful or productive as a result of a merger’. It is, therefore, said that more than one individual, put together produce more result, than what they would have produced otherwise as individuals. For achieving synergy, is it always necessary that more than one individual or group is required? The answer is a big ‘no’. Anyone can produce synergy individually. But what is required is an invaluable element, called Patriotism. By being patriotic one can produce synergy. There is an inherent potential exist in the concept of patriotism. It has got a direct bearing on productivity. How?

Let us take the case of an individual citizen of our country, who is assigned with a specific task, which he does for his own survival and also for the benefit of the nation, either directly or indirectly. He achieves this task through three elements, namely knowledge, skill and attitude. There exist a defined performance output from every individual in his/her own capacity. Once the desired performance output is produced, then the expectation from the individual is achieved. What happens if the individual exceeds the expected performance output? In the sense, what would we call, if the individual citizen contribute more towards the nation than what is expected of from him? In such a case, is it not that he is producing synergy individually? Yes, it is ‘individual synergy’ in his/her own capacity. But such a situation is possible only if a fourth element dominates the other three. The fourth element is none other than ‘Patriotism’, the absolute emotional attachment towards the Nation. By inducing patriotism, the individual will produce more than what is expected of from him and thereby producing individual synergy. One may hitherwards come out with many ways of achieving synergy by individuals. But most certainly, the emotional attachment is bound to produce synergy by individuals, not only in the context of nation but also in the organizational context. This emotional attachment, may it be towards the nation or the organization, will ultimately lead to enhancing productivity in individuals.

After all, what is emotional attachment? When it is shown towards the Nation, it is called “Patriotism”; when the same is applied towards the organization or work place, it is termed as “Loyalty”; when it is applied towards the family members or friends or relatives, it becomes “love and affection” and when it is shown towards the fellow citizens, it is called “humanity”.

Unfortunately, patriotism has taken a back seat and there are so many other ‘ism’s which gained importance. Gone are the days when the cinema halls in our country used to play the National Anthem after every show. The entire gathering used to stand up firmly and sometimes a part of it used to sing along. Of course, it would be news to many youngsters of the day to know that such a thing existed at all. It is not known why was it not continued? Today, one may dismiss it by saying, ‘what is great about it’. But, on looking at the genesis of such a practice, it could very well be understood that in those days, at least people thought of the Nation for a while by listening or singing the National Anthem. The purpose of National Anthem is to pay respect to the Nation and imbibe the feeling of oneness. In attaining the state of oneness, the selfishness vanishes and a state of unselfishness is attained. This can be achieved only through patriotism. It is because of this, patriotism can be termed as a true symbol of unselfishness. It is the emotional attachment one extends towards the country.

Patriotism should mean the same to everybody. As we see from the past, the real meaning of patriotism was well understood and collectively exhibited during the freedom struggle. However, after independence and with the passage of time, of course, the meaning of Patriotism has not changed but being patriotic has been viewed as ‘not very normal’ and ‘not essential’. The Nation is left out with countable citizens who have strong feelings, dedication and devotion for the Nation. There has been a feeling, which cropped up over a period of time amongst many that patriotism means, protecting the country from the enemy, which normally are perceived as foreign countries. In that process, the enemy within has been lost sight of. Also, the country as such is interpreted as the geographical territory. Therefore, immediately the needle turns towards the defence forces when it comes to patriotism. There is a strong pseudo belief that it is only these forces, which are responsible for protecting the country. The net result is that patriotism has almost become a patent product of the defence services/forces and of course a selected few. This misconception combined with the widespread selfishness is the prime cause for the rapid deterioration of patriotism in the country, which in turn has led to a steady decline in selflessness and the result is, selfishness at its revel.

Nevertheless, selfishness is the one and only cause, which produces the undesired effects, such as breeding corruption, infighting, misunderstanding, hatred, communalism and so on. Whenever, there is a check on selfishness, the unselfishness takes an upper hand and flourish. Patriotism is the only tool, which can control the selfishness. And thus, Patriotism, which represents unselfishness, is the only solution available to overcome all problems that the country is facing today.

After all, it is a matter of cause and effect. The obvious neglect of patriotism is the cause of present state of affairs. There is an immediate need to create awareness, particularly amongst the youth that patriotism not only protects but also produce synergy and pays through productivity. It is high time that the country as well as the organizations within that thinks of ECs (Emotion Circles) and LCs (Loyalty Circles) for greater productivity and synergy by imbibing patriotism.

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