You are doing a very good work.  My best wishes for NGC.

Mr.C.B. Satpathy, IPS(Retd)

SIV-G and you have been doing a great job. I admire your commitment and excellent work. I wish you all the success under the sun.

It is a great effort to launch the National Governance Corps (NGC). It is a small seed. But it is a little acorn from which a mighty oak grows. The oak is all giving. With such eminent leaders as Mr. Vittal and Mr. Shankar at the launch in Chennai, the ship will sail a long way and explore good governance.

Good work.  Keep it up!

Dr. Som Karamchetty, Potomac, MD, USA

All the best for the function and the magnificent first step.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Keshav, Cartoonist, The Hindu, Chennai

I am just reading out..all your new initiatives..

This one NGC is your latest i believe.. and it is a nice wonderful and fresh thought..You never know., 50 years down the line you may be remembered as an ICON of injecting values into the young minds.. Probably like Baden-Powell  who started the SCOUT movement..

Raghu Ramanujam, Darien, USA

Best wishes for the success of the scheduled program, another step towards eradication of  the menace of corruption.

Dal Chand, New Delhi

Thanks, All the very best.

R.  Vishwanathan, Jaipur

I wish the function all success.

R. Swaminathan, IAS (Retd)

I wish you the best with your worthwhile endeavours...

Dan Wilson, United Nations - Vienna International Centre

Thank you  for your invitation and i wish all the best for the NGC programme

M.R.Chandrashekar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

This is a unique concept. Please spread this concept. I wish you all the best in your effort. It is worth emulating.


The august leadership you have been able to summon on the occasion is an indication of the efforts you have put into the issue. 

Please accept my wishes and congratulations and also let me know if i can be of any assistance to you in this regard.

Sanjay Pande, Management Institute, Ghaziabad, UP

Wish you all success,Regards,

Dr G.Sundaram,IAS(Rtd)

This is taking it to new heights.

Kapil Sharma, New Delhi

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