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Govindarajan Suresh


And God said: "Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit -- to you it shall be for food." (Gen.1:29)


Sun, the great power generator of this Universe, is the ultimate source of energy. Every form of energy in this universe can be traced to Sun as the ultimate source. Thus the Sun becomes the Primary source of energy for the universe. However, the God nature has given the capacity of deriving the energy directly from the Sun to the Plants alone. The human and other beings are denied of such a capacity. By deriving the energy directly from the Sun, the plants become the Secondary source of energy in the universe. Such a very denial to human and other beings to derive energy directly from the Sun is an indicator that the energy has to be drawn from the secondary source if it is not possible from the primary source. Of course, man-made non-living materials have been designed to derive the energy from the Sun (solar energy), popularly known as solar cells. But the solar energy cannot form a substitute for food.

The reason why God denied such a capacity to derive the energy directly from Sun to human and other beings is a ‘million dollar question’. In fact, if God decides now to provide such a capacity to human and other beings, the world would become a better place to live. There would not have been any poverty, sufferings of hungry, misery, hatred and misunderstanding. We can see only peace all around. But that is not the case. God probably purposely did not allow the human and other beings to derive energy directly from the Sun, else the inquisitiveness to know God would not have been there. 

The fact that human can not derive the energy directly from the Sun has left him with the option of deriving energy for his survival from the next possible source, that is the Plants, the secondary source of energy as mentioned earlier. By becoming a deriver of energy from the secondary source, the human as well as the other beings become the tertiary source of energy. This transformation of energy in this manner is very much in line with the law of transformation of energy which the science advocates; ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; but can be converted from one form to another’. 

Further transformation of energy from the tertiary source takes place when the source (the human and other beings) gives back the energy to the universe itself after death. Thus the normal flow of energy is from the primary source to the secondary source, then the secondary source to the tertiary source and then to the ultimate end source, that is the universe itself.  That is how the energy moves in the cycle from one part of the universe to another as governed by the Law of Nature. 

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